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We live in a constantly changing complex society. At different times in our lives we all need guidance and support to be able to see the wood for the trees.

Each of us has the information within us that we need. My job is to facilitate you to access that inner knowledge.

Etoile Enterprises offers:

• Coaching Sessions
• Life River Retreat
• River to the Ocean Retreat
• Ocean to The World Retreat

• Group Sessions


Are you at a crossroads in your life, or perhaps going through a major transition in a key area of your life?

Are you already a leader in your field and need someone to be in your corner amidst the challenges that arise in life?

Are you in a situation where you just need to be witnessed, seen & heard, and acknowledged ~ To be reminded of your innate strengths and brilliance?

Are you entering a new phase of how you’re creating your life – Wondering “What comes next?” – And wanting to bring your deepest life’s purpose into vibrant reality in the next phase of your evolution?

If you said yes to one or more of the above, then you’ve come to the right place!

How would you like to receive:

A confidential listening ear –
• A space where you can say anything not be judged
• Help with identifying anything that is blocking you or holding you back from your true inner wisdom & essence …
• And the tools you can use for your own healing

If you are feeling anxiety or worry. I provide practical steps/actions you can do yourself to heal & feel better. I provide a sacred space, an environment where you can feel safe, loved, and cherished.
In one-to-one coaching with me, this is what you will receive … And so much more.

I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities (such as visualisation , NLP and EFT …) so that when you and I meet, I know & can provide the ideal practices that are exactly what you need.
I have been through a breakdown, panic attacks, and anxiety before so I understand how it feels … with no judgment. And I also know you can get out of it. I will hold space for you to see your own strength and emerge from a crisis.
I have many years experience working as a coach, with a background in health, education, personal and spiritual development and I bring a synthesis of all of my learning and understanding to our sessions together.
I have worked with people from all walks of life including leaders in business, entrepeneurs, CEO'S, leaders in education, employees to name but a few.


Over the course of a few months, including an exploratory weekend retreat, Jan was able to help me realise my potential in ways I would have never imagined. Her ability to help me extract the essence of my being, learning from past and present experiences in terms I would never normally consider, was revelatory. 
In this never-ending world of white noise, it is far too easy to forget to stand and appreciate the sound of silence; Jan has helped me to remember what silence sounds like, and feel what it is like to simply be.” 

Thanks so much for everything Jan- Your wonderful guidance and your generous hospitality – you nurtured my mind, my body and my soul all at once, in a wonderful retreat. I feel right now that the effects are going to be very lasting.

Joss Thompson, Creative Producer

Jan what a JOY! I feel very liberated- l feel we have somehow opened up permissions to allowing myself to identify and recognise my gifts and talents as intrinsic parts of my day to day existence – rather than things people say ‘about me’- rather things that ARE me, and therefore to be cherished and respected by me!  

JP Pearce, MBE

Jan has been much trusted counsel for well close to a decade. When I first started with Jan, I felt alittle lost, depressed and full of anxiety about the direction in which my life and career was heading. With Jans expert help, using a variety of Mental health techniques, visualisations, Meditations and positive measurable feedback, my life and work is currently and continues to experience gradual deep and lasting positive transformations through which my friends, family, customers and fellow colleagues all continue to benefit from. All with a Professional though relaxed and informal approach. I cannot recommend jan’s service highly enough.

Ray Clarke, Upholstery and Design Business Owner

I have worked with Jan over the past few years and can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made. If you are interested in developing a real understanding of who you are and where you want to go with your life, relationships and career, Jan can expertly guide you on this journey. I have laughed, cried and been amazed by what I have remembered and also discovered about my true self. As a result I have found acceptance of things past, calmness and composure, inner strength and positive anticipation for the challenges that are yet to come. You may be surprised where you end up !...

Louise Christie, Interior Designer

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