I’m Jan Etoile and my mission is to inspire people to be their authentic selves and shine their light in the world. 

We live in a time of exponential change – the fragile fabric of society has been shown up for what it is and we are entering a new paradigm of chaos and uncertainty, which has been exacerbated by a global pandemic! The technical advances are rapid and awe inspiring, and at the same time the old norms are being swept away. 

These are uncharted waters and navigating them can be can be scary and confusing. The only place that we can be sure of is our selves – to look inside our hearts and find our own inner compass – our own true north.

Etoile Enterprises Etoile Enterprises

I have many years experience working as a coach, with a background in health, education, personal and spiritual development and I bring a synthesis of all of my learning and understanding to our sessions together. 

I offer one to one sessions in easy to access ways to suit you; face-to–face and virtually as a coaching retreat with follow up sessions, or individual sessions.

I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities (such as visualisation , NLP, EFT, Positive Psychology and Advanced Communication …) so that when you and I meet, I know I can provide the ideal practices that are exactly what you need.

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